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Residential services

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When it comes to concrete, Les Cimentiers MC also specializes in the residential sector. Whether it is restoring surfaces such as floors, stairs, balconies or pool foundations, repairing cracks or applying finishes, our experts are at your disposal. Contact us now to be supported in the realization of your projects.

Floor finishing and repair

Do your cement surfaces need restoration, polishing or special finishing? Les Cimentiers MC has the expertise to refurbish your old floors.

Contact us to find out about the different options available to you while meeting your needs and your budget.

Floor leveling

Les Cimentiers MC also specializes in leveling concrete floors. Our experts will take care of restoring the level of your floor with a self-leveling mortar. Available in different finishes and colors, it is applied directly to the surface and allows its leveling while filling holes and cracks so that the latter regains a smooth and uniform appearance.

Restoration of stairs, balconies, foundations and swimming pools

Climate and weather are among the most damaging factors for cement. Cimentiers MC allow you to enhance the aesthetic appearance of your surfaces and solidify your residential structures. Our professionals will repair them and remove cracks, holes and any other signs of wear. In addition, several plasters and coatings are available.

Epoxy and polyurethane finish for floors

The application of this product composed of resin and hardener will ensure the waterproofing of your surfaces in addition to being highly resistant to de-icing salt as well as abrasion. This durable solution will also enhance the aesthetic appearance of your floors.

Crack repair

Cement is a material susceptible to cracks caused by various factors such as freeze / thaw, inadequate backfilling, subsidence, etc. Cracking is not always a major problem, but repairing it can prevent many other complications. The repair method used will depend on the type of cracks which will obviously be evaluated by our experts.