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Concrete is an essential material in construction. It is therefore essential to call on professionals who will be able to direct you to a solution adapted to your needs.

Aware of the severe requirements in the commercial and industrial fields, Les Cimentiers MC offers irreproachable precision and rigorous monitoring in the realization of all their projects. For more than 25 years, many different businesses and industries have trusted our expertise for the execution of their work. For your large-scale projects, Les Cimentiers MC also offers engineering services.

Floor preparation (scarification, grinding)

It is necessary to call on our professionals when it comes to floor preparation, because it must be adapted to the type of use intended for it. If it is necessary to remove any glue or paint residue, dents or imperfections, the surface will be prepared according to the type of materials used for the repair. We use several main preparation methods: scarification, grinding as well as blastrac.

The method of scarifying cement involves shattering a thin layer of material forming lines. This type of process is recommended before laying a new cement plaster in order to obtain the mechanical profile necessary for its adhesion. This method can also be used to make a non-slip and pedestrian safe surface. The type of CSP, which symbolizes the profile of a cemented surface, will be determined according to the repair or coating to be recommended. Take the example of a polymeric mortar exterior surfacing for which a CSP of 9 would be optimal, while a CSP of 3 would be sufficient for the application of an epoxy coating.

The technique of grinding or cement blastrac, on the other hand, is mainly used to obtain a less aggressive mechanical profile also allowing the removal of all forms of glue, paint and other unwanted products.

Indoor parking

The varied climatic conditions and the penetration of de-icing salts are the main causes of the deterioration of multi-storey concrete parking lots. These include cracks caused by freeze-thaw, premature shrinkage of concrete, scaling caused by melting salts, carbonation and many other signs of degradation. When these appear, it is essential to communicate quickly with our professionals in order to ensure the safety of your users and to protect your investments in the long term.

Here are the different types of work that can be done in an indoor parking lot:

Repair the concrete on the upper surface (above) and lower surface (below) of the slabs;

  • The slabs form the floors of a multi-storey parking lot. Since they form the fundamental basis of this structure, it is imperative to repair them as soon as the first signs of deterioration appear. These can be present above and / or below the slabs and our team of professionals will be able to make the necessary repairs to ensure the protection of users.

Repair columns and beams;

  • Support beams and columns are essential for maintaining a structure. It is therefore essential that they are in good condition in order to ensure the solidity of the installations as well as the safety of users. Les Cimentiers MC repair columns and beams during underground parking repairs.

Replace the reinforcing steel;

  • Cimentiers MC are often called upon to replace reinforcing steel during underground parking repairs. In the form of rods or wire mesh, this material is necessary for the reinforcement of the concrete mixer structure. Reinforcing steel is primarily intended for formwork tasks as well as for repairing columns, beams, slabs, etc.

Perform formwork work;

  • Formwork is often mandatory when repairing underground parking lots. This temporary structure, which is the formwork, will notably allow the construction of work with defined shapes. Usually, this type of work is done in areas where there are signs of serious delamination in the slab, beams and columns.

Inject cracks with epoxy and / or polyurethane;

  • Cracks caused by freeze / thaw, shrinkage of concrete, movement or any other factor can be repaired by the injection of products such as epoxy and polyurethane. The application of these materials prevents water, de-icing salts and excessive moisture from penetrating the concrete and potentially attacking the rebar.

Repair the expansion joints;

  • Expansion joints are essential in preserving structures such as parking lots. Minimize stress damage and improve the performance capabilities of concrete with proper grouting techniques to allow expansion-contraction cycles.

Replace structural slab drains;

  • Cimentiers MC sometimes have to replace structural slab drains when performing repair work in indoor parking lots. To do this, the company's specialists crush the cement on the periphery of the damaged drains, change the drains and again pour concrete around them.

Replace the waterproofing membrane;

  • The waterproofing membrane prevents the penetration of water, moisture and salt which directly affect the reinforcing steel. Its replacement is therefore important to prevent structural damage and avoid expensive repair costs. A rigorous visual inspection is suggested every year in order to detect anomalies and cracks that could cause more extensive repairs.

Installation of waterproofing membrane

The installation of a waterproofing membrane is the ideal solution to prevent degradation of the cement. Installing this membrane will prevent various substances such as water, moisture and salt from penetrating the concrete and reaching the rebar. This waterproofing can be carried out on an already existing surface as on a new surface. It is essential, an unprotected structural slab will entail exorbitant repair costs, even up to its complete replacement.

Leveling with polymer and self-leveling mortar

The self-leveling mortar is applied to a surface and allows its leveling. The application of this type of mortar is used to fill all holes and cracks, to restore a smooth and uniform appearance to your installations, as well as to correct depressions in floors. This quick-drying product is designed specifically for surfacing and repairing horizontal substrates. Self-leveling mortar is a quick and efficient solution.

Repair of concrete, foundation, sidewalk, swimming pool

In a climate like ours, cement structures are put to the test. Maintenance and repair of cement are often necessary to ensure the sustainability of structures. Les Cimentiers MC specializes in repairing concrete wherever it is applied: foundation, sidewalk, swimming pool, etc.

It is by evaluating the context in which your structures are located and by analyzing the extent of the damage that our experts will be able to advise you and offer you different solutions, tailored to your needs.

Epoxy floor, polyurethane, etc ...

The epoxy-based coating is known for its abrasion resistance and durability. The application of this product composed of resin and hardener will provide a remarkably aesthetic appearance to the treated surface while ensuring its impermeability. This durable solution, offering different types of finishes, textures and colors, can be applied to many places such as garage floors, industrial floors, laboratories, factories and many others.

Formwork, grout injection and shotcrete

The formwork is a temporary belt intended to hold the cement in place during its hardening. It is done first before pouring the cement or self-consolidating concrete.

Grout injection involves infiltrating cement inside walls and ceilings to fill in the spaces created by the destruction of crumbly or poorly adhered concrete and thus restore the structure to its original state.

The shotcrete technique is widely used for repairing the undersides of concrete slabs and vertical surfaces where the formwork method is inappropriate. This process provides strong resistance as well as excellent adhesion. Its use is ideal for slope stabilization work and lining tunnel walls, as well as for swimming pool contours, bridges, reservoirs, aqueduct conduits, etc.

Shotcrete is mainly characterized by these advantages:
  • High resistance to sulphated attacks, freeze-thaw cycles and chipping

  • Superior adhesion

  • High impermeability

  • Potential to project a dense layer of concrete on the different angles of a facade

Shotcrete is mainly used for:
  • Repair of various concrete structures (indoor parking lots, bridges, metro tunnels, viaducts, reservoirs, dams, etc.)

  • Repair of sewers and aqueduct pipes

Strengthening of structures

Many commercial jobs consist of reinforcing existing cement structures such as beams, columns and slabs. Structural reinforcement can also be used to make various repairs following changes in temperature and when signs of aging appear, or to modify the framework.

The laminate of polymer composite and carbon fibers is a product that allows concrete structures to strengthen. Applied to the surface of the structure, this material acts as an external reinforcement.

The advantages of installing slats:
  • High resistance to aging and weathering

  • Lightweight and non-corrosive product

  • Available in unlimited length

  • Easy to install

The installation of slats is useful for:
  • Strengthen and repair damaged structures

  • Modify the frame

  • Fill openings in structural slabs

Restoration of balconies

Les Cimentiers MC also offers a balcony restoration service. After the refurbishment of your siding, structures and guardrail, you can also opt to add a protective cover that will extend the life of your investment. Several protective options are available to you: membrane, colored sealant, coating, acrylic, epoxy and polyurethane.